The ABS series of analytical balances is ideal for laboratory use, thanks
to multiple weighing units, a compact design and high level of performance.


High-speed micro centrifuge is ideal for clinical and educational
application and can reach up to 14,500 revolutions per minute.

Dissolution System

Efficient tool for biowaiver, ANDA and SUPAC- MR where n=12.
Consistent results with one dissolution water bath.

HPLC System

The system configuration is highly variable, and several upgrade options
make this system suitable for the whole range of analytical applications.


Is a high-quality educational microscope, equipped with
intuitive control elements, which will impress the user.

pH Testers

Portable pH meter is a professional, compact, and user-friendly device.
It is easy to use and offers up to 500 data sets.


The 8-Series of ergonomic high-performance Multichannel Pipettors
provide superior accuracy and precision for repeatably reliable results.


Is ideal for applications in pharmaceutical, medical and health services,
chemical engineering, energy, and many other industries.


To be a leading provider in technologies, consumables, quality control support, process validation, separation & quantification of components, coupled with the financial needs of our customers.


We specialize in technological and industrial quality control, to guarantee that our customers obtain efficient productivity and profitability with our products and services.

Productive Advancements


Founded in 2009 with the mission to provide our customers with technology to reduce costs and obtain greater profitability.

We specialize in advanced instrumentation for quality control and research laboratories, we offer an entire series of measurement equipment for physicochemical and biological testing. In addition, AVANPRO provides maintenance services and consumables to ensure the continuous operation of the instruments we offer.

AVANPRO is made up of professionals that can provide products and services in areas such as chemistry, electrochemistry, and biotechnology.



Of experience with quality control technology.


“Quality technological solutions”


• Food Safety • Environmental • Sugar and Alcohols
• Agrochemicals • Mining and Metallurgy • Forensics
• Pharmaceutical Products • Service Laboratories
• Investigation and Development • Educational
• Cosmetics • Industrial Products • Fuels

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+1 (281) 764-6880


1942 Andromeda Ln Weston, FL 33327 USA

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M-F: 8am to 5pm

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